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Fishing & Tying Articles by Davy Wotton


Fly Fishing Articles
Evaluation - selective feeding behaviors of trout
The Illusion of Deception - what fools a trout?
Your Most Memorable Fish - We all have our favorite catch memories.
Here are two of mine.
Fly Tying Articles
The White River Christmas Tree Wooly Bugger
Tying the Sowscud
Three Caddis Fly Patterns


About My Articles
Within my fly fishing articles we will take a look at many subjects related to fly fishing. In some cases you may have a different point of view to mine, and you are most welcome if that is the case to share your view point with me via e-mail. I will try to add articles on a regular basis, and welcome any suggestions from readers who would like for me to deal with a particular issue, related of course to fly fishing. I hope you will enjoy reading the forthcoming articles. Email me at:


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