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Endorsements For Davy Wotton

dave whitlock and davy wotton
Dave Whitlock with Davy Wotton

"Davy Wotton is uniquely one of a kind in the sport of fly fishing. His skills, knowledge and teaching abilities in fly tying, fly casting, and guiding are among the best I have ever known. Time spent with Davy, regardless of your experience, will be well worth while. I highly recommend Davy. "
     -  Dave Whitlock - World Class Fly Fisherman

"Davy's prowess not just on running water but on still water as well is nothing short of awe-inspiring. He has an intricate knowledge and understanding of the quarry he pursues and this reflects for one, in his boat handling capabilities and approach to a species over variable water types and bottom structures, thus optimizing the opportunities.  Also his casting techniques, line control and presentation methods coupled with his thought process and precise clinical eye for detail can only be described as truly World Class, as is his fly tying ability, all that which has been well documented around the globe. His teaching comes across in a format that's easy to ascertain no matter what your level of experience.  At the end of the day, my time spent fishing throughout "The Ozarks" alongside Davy Wotton turned out to be a very enigmatic, invigorating and thoroughly thought provoking experience that captivated me entirely. A return visit is already on the cards. "
       - Andrew Roynon - International Fly Fisher

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