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Davy Wotton Custom Tied Flies
custom fly

White River Classic Fly Selection
If you planning a trip to the White or North Fork River and would like to have many of the flies that catch fish here, then I have just what you need in this collection. It contains scuds, sows, drys, emergers, streamers, and some of my special patters that will catch you fish. The box is included in this set of 20 flies.

$45.00 - includes shipping.

Davy Wotton Custom Fly Sets For The Connoisseur
My professional fly fishing career started in the early 1960’s tying flies commercially. Many of my established fly patterns are available through various world class manufacturers, but not all of my patterns are generally available. Due to the popular demand I have decided to make them available by online ordering. Many of these fly patterns have been featured in fly fishing magazines.They are the result of a lifetime of fly fishing experience around the world. They will almost certainly help you to improve your catch rate, particularly for many difficult stream side situations. Some of the flies included in the selections have origins of long ago, some of those are of a more modern era. Either way you can be assured of flies that work.

custom fly The Midge Fly Selection
Many anglers become very frustrated at the sight of fish feeding on small midges, which they cannot catch. Two factors are vital to success. Presentation and the right fly. This selection contains 10 superb midge imitations, pupa, emergers and adults.

Caddis Fly Selection
The selection includes the Davy Wotton SLF emerging caddis pupa and some special caddis larva, not to mention the DW adult caddis. Remember that during times of non hatch activity fish will be looking for caddis larva on the stream bed. As the emergence takes place ascending pupa and adults will be on the menu.

Scud And Sowbugs
In many water systems scuds and sowbugs form the basis of a staple diet for trout. The importance of these two cannot be over emphasized. The naturals do vary in size and color, the angler needs to pay attention to this detail. You may also find that on a heavily fished catch and release system the fish have become very wary of the regular fly patterns used. This selection contains many of my special glass bead heads, and there are not too many fish that have seen them before.

fly 3
Traditional Wets
The mainstay of a fly fisherman in the UK is the traditional wet fly. This collection is 10 of the absolute best ever created. They will work in presentations up stream across and down. They are fly patterns not generally available here in the USA. Over the years they have for me caught many thousands of trout, and they may well do so for you also.

Soft Hackles And Spiders
The soft hackle has its roots firmly set in the rivers and streams of Britain. They are good general purpose fly patterns to use for searching techniques and correctly fished in a hatch can be devastating at times. This selection contains many of the old trusted favorites and new introductions for the ever discerning fly fisher.

Davy Wotton Nymph Selection
Most fly fishermen like to carry a range of well established nymphs that would include the pheasant tail and the hares ear. This selection contains those, and tried and tested favorites such as scuds, sowbugs, caddis larva etc. In fact a standard range you should not be without on any water in the world.

fly 4
There are many times that well fished streamers will catch very many fish, and often some bigger than average. This selection contains many of those fly patterns that I have used around the world to catch some class fish. Some of those are variations of classics like the wooly bugger and some of UK origin. Larger than average browns like big flies, particularly at night time.

Davy Wotton Classic Fly Selection
As a special gift for a fly fisher or as a collection of some of the worlds best this is for you. This collection includes fly patterns that will catch trout in any water in the world. It includes dry, wet, nymph and streamer patterns. A great starter selection of fish catching fly patterns. It is available as a 20 or 40 fly set. I can pretty much guarantee that more than one fly will catch fish in any water of trout habitat.

Collector Flies and Fly Plates
A beautiful example of the fly tier's art makes for the perfect gift or a treasure to own for home or office. l am able to offer a number of fly options from my classic tied Atlantic Salmon flies, to framed collections of standard type trout flies. Prices are subject to your requirements for both the flies included, and also the framing. At this point in time the Brown On Shad is available as a limited edition of only 250. The is trout drawn by Duane Hada and the Shad bait flies are tied by myself - a collectable artwork you would be proud to own. Check back here for future additions. Price $295.00 plus $20.00 shipping and handling.

shad fly variations
Davy Wotton bait fish flies

Prices & How To Order

Sets containing 10 different flies, no fly box ................... $19.95ea
Sets including fly box and a signed card ...................... $25.95ea
Davy Wotton classic fly set of 20, includes fly box. .... $45.95ea
Davy Wotton classic fly set of 40, includes fly box ..... $85.95ea
Shipping & handling per order .......................................... $3.00

Additional fly patterns? You may wish to order additional quantities o specific patterns from a fly set. These are also available. Please contact me regarding this.

Payment Methods

U.S. Postal Service - To purchase by U.S. mail send check or money order made payable to Davy Wotton. Mail to:

Davy Wotton
1802 MC 7001
Flippin, AR  72634-9564


Order Online - For faster delivery you may purchase by credit card or electronic funds transfer from your checking account by using Pay Pal. To use Pay Pal all you need is a valid email address. If you do not have a Pay Pal account, it is fast and free to set one up.

To make a payment by Pay Pal after you set up your Pay Pal account, click the "Send Money" tab at the Pay Pal Web site. Enter my email address and the amount you wish to send. You can pay with a credit card or checking account.

Use PayPal to send payments in U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Yen. Learn more in Pay Pal's Multiple Currencies Center at the Pay Pal Web site.

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